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Felloe bearings
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Felloe bearings

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Felloe bearings – one of raznovidnosteypodshipnik of swing which are integral part of all cars. Being basis of nave of the modern car, the felloe bearing maintains the axial and radial loadings created at dispersal of the car, its movement and braking. On it, quality of such bearings is obliged to meet high requirements.

Design of felloe bearings

As well as any rolling bearing, felloe bearings consist of outside and internal rings, separator and according to balls. Balls, as well as design, can be different form, depending on arrangement of the felloe bearing in the car . So, for example, in cars with not drive axes establish roller single conical bearings, and in cars with drive axes install either radial-stop ball bearings, or roller double-row conical bearings .

Comparative analysis of felloe bearings.

  • Roller single felloe bearings have the small size and small weight, are capable to maintain heavy loads, and, above all they are very long-lasting in use. But they have one essential minus – the wrong mounting of the bearing leads to its fast failure. Therefore when mounting this type of the felloe bearing it is necessary to observe necessary end plays, to periodically regulate backlash of the bearing and to put lubricant.
  • Roller double-row felloe bearings by the sizes are almost identical single-row, but are capable to sustain loading in two more. Also, thanks to the closed form of design of this felloe bearing need for its service disappears, adjustment of end play and mortgaging of lubricant happens at production at plant and serves to part wear-out.
  • Radial-stop felloe bearings are capable to perceive let and not big, but radial and axial loadings at the same time. The structure of such felloe bearings differs from standard a little in the fact that balls pass not in the middle, and being displaced aside. Big plus of radial-stop ball bearings is quality better than the others to maintain lateral loads. However there are also minuses: at increase in lateral load at the bearing, its wear also increases.

Complex felloe bearings.

That will get rid of premature wear of felloe bearings, the research centers of the companies for production of parts for cars it was decided to enter into production modular bearings . The essence is simple: parts were made and completed not in different workshops, and in one that led to increase of accuracy of processes of mounting and adjustment of these parts that excluded further need of such repeated processes for their operation. Besides, complex modular bearings already may contain ABS system sensors in the body.

Care of felloe bearings.

Despite workmanship of bearings for naves, they treat expendables which periodically should be changed. Uneven roads, temperature drops and considerable loadings increase wear of felloe bearings. Therefore it is necessary to diagnose operation of felloe bearings at the slightest suspicion on its fault (noise or backlash of wheel). Producers advise to make diagnostics or replacement of bearings of nave each 20000 - 30000 kilometers of run.

Felloe bearings


Designations IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST Sizes, mm Weight, kg
Full Basic Foreign analog Internal, d External, D Width, In
286805 L 286805   GOST 520-89 25 62 28 0.517
2007108 A 2007108 32008X GOST 520-89 40 68 19 0.278
2007108 A 2007108 32008X TU 37.006.087-79 40 68 19 0.278
6-7703A 7703A K-LM11749/K-LV11710 GOST 520-89 17,462 39,878 13,843 0.085
2007108 A 2007108 32008X GOST 520-89 40 68 19 0.278
4-2007108 A 2007108 32008X/P4 GOST 520-89 40 68 19 0.278
5-2007108 A 2007108 32008X/P5 GOST 520-89 40 68 19 0.278
7-2007108 A 2007108 32008X GOST 520-89 40 68 19 0.278
6-817907 817907 K-HM89446/K-HM89410 TU 37.006.021-86 34,937 76,225 29,37 0.643
6-7703A 7703A K-LM11749/K-LV11710 GOST 520-89 17,462 39,878 13,843 0.085
4U-7607 AUSH2 7607 32307E/P42Q6 GOST 520-89 35 80 32,75 0.758
6-7710 A 7710 K-JLM104948/K-JLM104 GOST 520-89 50 82 21,5 0.427
6-7804 A 7804 K-LM11949/K-LM11910 GOST 520-89 19,058 45,25 15,494 0.129
6-2007108 A 2007108 32008X/P6 GOST 520-89 40 68 19 0.278


Bearings of global manufacturers of SKF FAG NSK SNR KOYO to Dnipropetrovsk LLC TECHNO DNIEPER

Our company sells bearings from global manufacturers of SKF FAG SNR KOYO NSK MTK NKE NTN ZKL FLT and others.
The order from Europe of large parties from 500 Euros is possible!
In warehouse specify availability at managers!
Bearings can be open or closing: metal (2Z, ZZ, 2ZR), rubber (2RS,RSR):

High quality of performance of work in combination with the adequate price, allows our enterprise to take the leading position in the market of similar services. Our clients always receive necessary complex of services – from consultations before delivery. We work across all territory of Ukraine, and also the FSU and beyond.
Information is up-to-date: 12.05.2021

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